Survey Methods and Analysis Group (SMAG)

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The Survey Methods and Analysis Group (SMAG) is a research group in the Cathie Marsh Institute of Social Research (CMI) led by Natalie Shlomo and Alexandru Cernat. The aim of the group is to provide a focal point for researchers in the School of Social Sciences on the development and application of survey methodology and the analysis of complex survey data.

More specifically, the focus of SMAG is on topics in survey methods and statistics, including questionnaire design, design of data collection (including longitudinal data collection), measurement error, interviewer effects, compensating for non-response, small area estimation, non-probability sampling, data linkage and integration, confidentiality and privacy.  



We are happy to offer PhD supervision in topics related to survey methodology and survey statistics. Below is a list of current and past PhD students.

Current students:

  • Fiona Pashazadeh: Addressing non-response in biological data collection using nurse effects and survey paradata.
  • Hafsteinn Birgir Einarsson: Improving response rates and data quality through optimised survey invitation letters.
  • Raul Ungureanu: Understanding comparisons between surveys and social media data.
  • Sofia Eleftheriadou: Collaboration problem solving and science teaching and learning.
  • Zeming Chen: Using proactive approaches in preventing web survey break-offs.

PhD students who have recently graduated:

  • Georgia Chatzi (2020): The Association between Socioeconomic Position and Biomarkers in Older Adults: Compensating for Missing Data.
  • David Buil Gil (2019): Small Area Estimation in Criminological Research: Theory, Methods, and Applications. 
  • Angelo Moretti (2018): Measuring Poverty and Well-being at Local Level through Small Area Estimation.
  • Laszlo Antal (2016): Statistical Disclosure Control for Derived and Administrative Data.