The Cathie Marsh Institute organises various events throughout the year. From seminars and conferences to workshops and short courses, our events reflect our research themes.

Short courses

We run introductory, intermediate to advanced courses on all aspects of the research process, including research design, data collection and data analysis. 

Courses from our centres

As well as those events listed here, we also run seminars, courses and workshops at:

Next courses and events

Data in the spotlight: Census and population studies

10:00 - 11:30 05 December 2023

Do you want to know more about the best resource for population studies in the UK? Do you want to understand how the UK census works and how to access the data within it? This free 90-minute online workshop will introduce you to the UK Census, the data held by the UK Data Service, and how to use the web interfaces to access the data. There w..

Conversation on Urban Ageing, Ethnicity and COVID-19

14:30 - 06 December 2023

In Conversation, MUARG and Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity present: Dharmi Kapadia and Chris Phillipson will be coming together in conversation to discuss the experiences of people from minority ethnicities and urban ageing. The conversation will be chaired by Patty Doran from the Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group. New insights were gain..

Data in the spotlight: Longitudinal data

10:00 - 11:30 07 December 2023

Did you know that longitudinal data from major social studies such as the British Birth Cohort Studies, Understanding Society and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing can be accessed for research? The longitudinal studies are extremely rich data sources for high impact and policy relevant research. The British Birth Cohort Studies (e.g...

Data in the spotlight: International time series databanks

10:00 - 11:30 12 December 2023

Are you wanting to understand how the world works? Have an interest in climate science, economy, trade, demographics, health or international development? Want to know about and how to access data from the IMF, World Bank, IEA, UN or OECD? This free 90-minute online workshop will introduce you to the international time series data held by th..

Data in the spotlight: Qualitative and mixed methods data

10:00 - 11:30 14 December 2023

Did you know that qualitative and mixed methods data can be accessed for research? The UK Data Service provides access to a range of qualitative and mixed-methods data, including ethnographic data and field notes, images, oral history transcripts, and essay responses. This workshop will help you get started searching for qualitative and mixe..

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