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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI)

An event in University Place Manchester


The Cathie Marsh Institute organises various events throughout the year. From seminars and conferences to workshops and short courses, our events reflect our research themes.

Short courses

We run introductory, intermediate to advanced courses on all aspects of the research process, including research design, data collection and data analysis. 

Courses from our centres

As well as those events listed here, we also run seminars, courses and workshops at:

Next courses and events

Webinar: Key data: Census

15:00 - 16:00 24 October 2019

Census data from 1971-2011 provides a unique source of robust population data, particularly for small areas and often-overlooked groups, such as those living in establishments. This webinar is intended as an introduction to the Census data available from the UK Data Service, for anyone who is interested in using them in research or teaching...

Programming with Python for Social Science Bootcamp

29 October - 01 November 2019

This four-day bootcamp is aimed at academics and postgraduate researchers across the social sciences wishing to build skills with computer programming as a research method. The event will provide participants with not only programming skills (i.e. the “how” of programming) but also explore Python as a tool that can be creatively applied to..

Webinar: Key data: Qualitative and mixed methods data

15:00 - 16:00 31 October 2019

This introductory webinar is intended for anyone who wants to learn about the qualitative or mixed-methods data available from the UK Data Service. The UK Data Service provides access to a range of qualitative and mixed-methods data including Peter Townsend’s Last Refuge and Neighbourhood Boundaries, Social Disorganisation and Social Exclusi..

Webinar: Key data: Business data

15:00 - 16:00 05 November 2019

This webinar is an introduction to Office for National Statistics (ONS) business data available from the UK Data Service, such as the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. The webinar includes an overview of the business survey areas covered (e.g. earnings and skills) and the data available. Examples of research that have used business microdat..

Creative Approaches to Qualitative Researching

11 - 12 November 2019

This course will: Introduce participants to creative qualitative research, both as an overall approach and as a means of generating social science research data; Introduce participants to a range of creative methods; Give participants practical experience in the use of creative methods; Introduce participants to creative analytical strategies..

Webinar: Key data: Data about countries

15:00 - 16:00 12 November 2019

This introductory webinar is intended for anyone who wants to learn about the international time series data available from the UK Data Service. Your host Richard Wiseman will give an overview of the diverse topics that are contained within these datasets, which include the open data produced by the World Bank and the Organisation for Economi..

CoDE Seminar: Black Muslim women at work: negotiating visibility from under the hatches

12:00 - 13:00 28 November 2019

Dr Azeezat Johnson, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Queen Mary University of London presents a CoDE seminar on Black Muslim women at work: negotiating visibility from under the hatches How do Black Muslim women in Britain negotiate visibility as “Space Invaders”? This question is explored through the clothing practices Black Muslim wome..

CoDE Seminar: Diane Abbott, misogynoir and the politics of Black British feminism

12:00 - 13:00 27 February 2020

This seminar is presented by Dr Lisa Palmer, senior lecturer in sociology at Birmingham City University. Her research interests include Black Studies in Britain, the cultural politics of Lover's Rock music; community archiving and heritage; the intersections of gender, sexuality, racism and decoloniality.

CoDE Seminar: Mixed-race, white (rural) space: Black (and white) mixed-race family’s experiences of managing and negotiating racialisation and racism in a predominantly white English town

12:00 - 13:00 28 May 2020

In this ethnographic thesis Chantelle Lewis explores the retrospective accounts of racialisation and racism experienced, negotiated and managed by six Black mixed-race families who live (and have lived) in the predominantly white town, Bromsgrove (West Midlands). Whilst conducting a two-year ethnography - supported by in-depth conversations wi..

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