About the Institute

The Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI) is a centre for excellence in quantitative social science. Our core mission is to provide rigorous empirical answers to contemporary social and political questions, and to empower others to do the same

The Institute provides a focal point at The University of Manchester for the application of quantitative methods in interdisciplinary social science research in order to generate a world class research environment.

Our work contributes to advancing quantitative social science (QSS) in three key ways. First, through developing robust methods and complex forms of data to conduct QSS; second, by using those methods and data to address important social and political questions; and finally by delivering high quality training to build the key skills and capacity of researchers to engage in QSS.

CMI combines the strengths of two previous research centres in the Social Sciences at The University of Manchester, the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Surveys Research and the Institute for Social Change.

Today we are building on this reputation for quantitative social science and the development and application of advanced quantitative methods. We bring together expertise in statistical modelling and survey research methods with a focus on political participation, ageing, ethnicity, health, class, gender and labour. This inter-disciplinarity means that we are able to offer highly original and creative insights into understanding contemporary problems.

Director and Deputy Director

The Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI) appointed Professors Martin Everett and Maria Sobolewska as its new Director and Deputy Director, respectively. Both Martin and Maria took up their posts on the 1 September 2019.

Martin is a Professor of Social Network Analysis in the Sociology Department of the School of Social Sciences (SoSS) and helped to co-found The Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis. His main interest is in mathematical or analytical sociology, but he is principally involved in methodologies related to the area of social networks. 

Maria is a Professor of Political Science in the Politics Department in SoSS, and works on the political integration and representation of ethnic minorities in Britain. She is currently the lead investigator on an ESRC UK funded Changing Europe Project on the ‘Brexit referendum’ and identity politics in Britain. 

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