Privacy, Data Protection and Trust

Background information

The interdisciplinary Privacy, Data Protection and Trust (PDPT) group comprises academics working in statistics, social science, social policy, computer science and law. This longstanding research group continues to deliver highly specialised consultancy and research. PDPT's overarching research goal is to investigate the confidentiality and privacy issues that arise from the collection, dissemination and analysis of data. The research has many facets, ranging from ethics to mathematics, from social to computer science.

Events and activities

  • UKAN Workshops (January 2015 – Ongoing) - UKAN Workshops cover Decision-Making Framework with basic exercises on aggregating, censoring and considerations about further trade-offs between risk and utility. Advanced legal and technical aspects are out of scope. The clinics are designed to be an initial one-to-one one-hour consultation with an anonymisation expert. UK Privacy Cluster 2016 – 17 Prospectus

Selected projects

  • UK Anonymisation Network (UKAN) - The UK Anonymisation Network (UKAN) has been set up as a means of establishing best practice in anonymisation and offers practical advice and information to anyone who handles personal data and needs to share it. UKAN aims to maximise the value of data, minimise the risks to privacy and preserve public confidence by collating best practice in anonymisation from a wide range of experienced practitioners.