UK Data Service: Census Support

UK Data Service: Census Support is a value-added service of the UK Data Service which exists to provide access to, and support for, users of the 1971 - 2011 Censuses of Population.

The population census is a vital resource for social scientific research and policy development, providing a snapshot of demographic and social life in the UK that helps inform government policy at local and central level. It is a research resource without peer for social scientists, academic and practitioner alike.

We did not conduct the census itself. Three government census agencies collate statistics for all of the four home nations in the UK.

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Previously, census resources have been delivered by independent specialist support units which have been reconstituted under the banner of the new UK Data Service Census Support. Whilst Census Support services currently remain restricted to academic users, in due course, they will provide a more holistic and integrated entry point to the range of data access services, including support and training, for a diverse community of users encompassing academics, government users and 'casual' users.

Our aim is to provide ready access to data, and support for users of the census resources, in as friendly and intuitive a way as possible.

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