Bayesian Adaptive Survey Design Network (BADEN)

The BADEN network funded by The Leverhulme Trust gathers researchers from academia and national statistical offices and gives a strong impetus to theory development and practical implementation of adaptive survey designs.

Adaptive survey designs differentiate features for different population subgroups based on auxiliary data about the sample obtained from frame data, registry data or paradata.

The development of a Bayesian framework will allow the learning and constant updating of key input parameters to these designs.

More specifically, our objectives are:

  • To bring together researchers on a periodic basis and to speed up theoretical development and practical implementations of adaptive survey designs
  • To establish a cross-institute research agenda for the main research aim
  • To design and implement joint simulation studies
  • To support discussion on theory and the exchange of empirical results
  • To disseminate work to a larger public in order to advocate ideas and to get feedback on feasibility and utility
  • To lay the groundwork for joint papers and other forms of collaboration
  • To assist implementation of adaptive survey designs


The Leverhulme Trust

Grant amount


Our people

  • Prof Natalie Shlomo - Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Dr Stephanie Coffey - US Census Bureau
  • Dr Gabriele Durrant - University of Southampton
  • Dr Peter Lundquist - Statistics Sweden
  • Mr Daniel Pratt - RTI International, North Carolina
  • Dr Barry Schouten - Statistics Netherlands
  • Dr James Wagner - University of Michigan
  • Ms Rebecca Moore - Network Facilitator