Intermediate STATA

Date: 18 May 2023
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm
Instructor: Myong Sook Kim 
Level: Intermediate
Fee: £60 

Please note that this course is open to University of Manchester staff and students only. 

To book on to this course, please email for further details.


The course will provide intermediate training in the statistical programming software STATA, which is a popular tool in the field of Social Science. The software is a great tool to deal with a large dataset, for data manipulation and various analysis strategies including extensive and powerful statistical capabilities.


The course offers intermediate-level training in Stata. The course is suited to those who are familiar with Stata and basic data management (e.g., importing data, create new variables, etc.) and would like to expand their skills to make their data analysis life easier. It covers efficient project management skills and tips on dealing with repetitive tasks, automation using macros, and regression modelling. It also introduces Stata integration with external editors, which allow to run Stata code externally. Users may bring their own machine for the integration.


Basic knowledge of the statistical software Stata

Recommended reading

  • Diamond, I. and Jefferies, J. (2004) Beginning Statistics: An Introduction for Social Scientists. London, Sage Publications.
  • Blaikie, N. (2003) Analyzing Quantitative Data: from description to explanation London, SAGE Publications. 

About the instructor

Myong Sook Kim