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The International Total Survey Error Workshop (ITSEW) brings together survey researchers, practitioners, and methodologists (especially in national statistics offices) to foster exchange of ideas and preliminary research findings toward a better understanding of total survey error (TSE). It has been held annually since 2005 and typically gathers 50-60 attendees. 

The workshop will be hosted by The Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research and The Social Statistics Department, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. It was originally scheduled for 14-16 September 2020 and has now been postponed to 30 August - 1 September 2021.

The theme of the workshop is: Total Error in Official Statistics: Current Practices and New Methods.

In addition to traditional TSE topics, we are encouraging contributions on:

  • Evaluations of multiple error sources in official statistics
  • Error frameworks and their use for administrative data products
  • Total error frameworks for Big Data  
  • “Total statistical uncertainty” frameworks for estimates derived from nonprobability samples
  • Errors in data integration processes and integrated data products
  • Use of quality profiles and declarations in official statistics
  • Minimizing total error using ART (adaptive/responsive/tailored) designs and data collection strategies
  • Statistical disclosure limitation error


More information can be found here.


Previous events

Measurement error in longitudinal data workshop - 19-21 June 2019

This workshop aims to bring together the latest developments in estimating and correcting for measurement error in longitudinal data. The workshop website can be found here.

CMI Afternoon Seminar Series- 27 February 2018

We were joined by Li-Chun Zhang, Professor of Social Statistics at the University of Southampton.

CMI Afternoon Seminar Series - 10 April 2018

We were joined by Nikolas Mittag; Assistant Professor at the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute (CERGE-EI).

Compensating for missing data in longitudinal surveys event - 8 May 2017

The Survey Methods and Analysis Group and Statistical Modelling Group held a joint event on 08 May 2017 at the University of Manchester. We were joined by two experts- Professor George Ploubidis and Professor Peter Lugtig - who presented their work on the topic of compensating for missing data in longitudinal surveys.

George is Professor of Population Health and Statistics in the Department of Social Science at UCL and currently holds the posts of Research Director and Chief Statistician at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies. Peter is an Associate Professor at the department of 'Methods and Statistics' at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, where he specializes in survey methodology and the analysis of longitudinal survey data.


SMAG Methodology Seminar 3 – 1 March 2016

Gabi Durrant from the University of Southampton spoke on ‘Assessing risk of nonresponse bias and dataset representativeness during survey data collection’.  

SMAG Methodology Seminar 2 – 15 December 2015

Nikos Tzavidis from the University of Southampton spoke on ‘Domain Prediction of Complex Indicators – Model-based Methods and Robustness’.

4th International Workshop: Advances in Adaptive and Responsive Survey Design at the University of Manchester - 9-10 November 2015

There were 40 participants to the international workshop from the following countries:  United States, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden and  Australia. The participants included distinguished speakers:  Prof. Rod Little  and Prof. Jim Lepkowski from the University of Michigan,  Prof Carl Sarndal from Stockholm University,  Prof.  Roger Tourangeau from  Westat, United States, Prof. Peter Lynn from the University of Essex, UK, Peter Miller from the US Census Bureau and  Prof. David Steel from the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Careers in Statistics – 4 March 2015

Targeted at Biostatisticians this talk was led by Professor Natalie Shlomo. Talking about careers in government statistics, Natalie drew on experiences to brief MSc and PhD students on the complexities and rigours of such a role.

SMAG Methodology Seminar 1 – 22 January 2015

Ton De Waal from Statistics Netherlands and the University of Tilburg spoke on ‘Edit Restrictions in Statistical Data Editing and Imputation’. There were collaborative efforts by the three main statistics groups at the University of Manchester: Social Statistics, Biostatistics and Mathematical Statistics to publicise and attend seminars and events. There was a good turnout for the methodology seminar with over 25 participants.