Guided E-learning for Managers (GEM) Study

Work, stress and health

The role of managers is key to maintaining and improving employee wellbeing. There have been many studies demonstrating that lack of support from managers is related to poor mental health and increased sickness absence in employees.

However, there have been few systematic studies of manager training in relation to employee wellbeing and sickness absence.

The GEM study is a pilot study of a trial of an e-learning programme to help managers understand and learn how to support their employees, increase employees’ control over their work where possible, ensure their employees are justly treated and reduce discrimination and bullying.

Employees will be asked to complete an online questionnaire on their health, well-being and work characteristics both before and after the managers complete the e-learning programme, and we will collect sickness absence data from the organisation for the three months before and after the managers have completed the programme.


  • Public Health Research Fund

Manchester people