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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI)

PhD students

A list our current PhD students

Current students

  • Javier Ignacio Castillo Jaramillo - The effects of ethnicity, race and skin colour on Latin American Inequality
  • Pete Jones - Analysing the Bechdel Test and Dialogic Gender Bias in Film Through Social Network Analysis
  • Jen Taub - Developing Measures of Disclosure Risk and Utility for Synthetic Data
  • Harry Taylor - Understanding and addressing hearing health inequality in ethnic minority groups in the UK
  • Joanna Wilson - Understanding the effect of work flexibility at the household level: a mixed methods study
  • Graham Burvill - Financial Insecurity in the UK: Debt, decision making and financial resilience amongst low-income families
  • Alejandro Espinosa - A Network Approach for the Sociological Study of Science: Modelling a Dynamic Multilevel Network
  • Harry Odell - Understanding the construction of metropolitan areas through data analytics: the case of GMCA
  • Louise Kelly - An automated data analytics platform for forensic testing
  • Jose Cuitun Coronado - Multilevel Modelling of the Biomarker Cortisol: Changes over the Life Course and association with Stressful Jobs.
  • Ella Guest - The role of moderators and user-contributors in the development of community norms on reddit.
  • Sebastian Flennerhag - Deep Learning in Dynamic Systems
  • Oliver Beatson - Evaluating the merits of Survey and Observational Data in National Election Studies
  • Ji Hye Kim - A Bayesian Hierarchical Model to Estimate and Forecast Child Labour Supply in India.
  • Chris Newton - Does cognitive dissonance predict cross-domain belief consistency and online sharing of vegetarian dietary choices?
  • Fernanda Inarra Gtierrez
  • Mohammed Patel
  • Nathan Kahdroo-Mccheyne
  • Tran Tran
  • Zeming Chen
  • Ting Lui
  • Sun Joyao
  • Sam Andersen
  • Kellan Collins
  • Sasha Johns
  • Thomas O'Toole
  • Penny Wangari-Jones
  • Jess Brooks
  • Josie Kearney
  • Jessica Steapnous
  • Ana Nicoriciu
  • Andrea Aparicio Castro
  • Darya Vanchugova
  • Antonio Ross Perez
  • Jen Murphy
  • Jo Biglin
  • Noelyn Onah
  • Sook Kim
  • Aaron Hsu
  • Fiona Pashazadeh
  • Stephanie Cahill