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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI)

PhD students

A list our current and past PhD students and their thesis titles.

Current students

  • Alexandra Albert - Developing Approaches for Citizen Social Science and Public Anthropology
  • Georgia Chatzi - Life course Socioeconomic position effects on inflammatory biomarkers: compensating for missing data
  • Rihab Dahab - The Prevalence of Under-Nutrition among Children Under-5 in The Sudan: Does Military Conflict Matter?
  • Javier Ignacio Castillo Jaramillo - The effects of ethnicity, race and skin colour on Latin American Inequality
  • Pete Jones - Analysing the Bechdel Test and Dialogic Gender Bias in Film Through Social Network Analysis
  • Sahel Shariati Samani - Assessing and Managing the Disclosure Risks with Genomics Data
  • Alejandro Sevilla - Disentangling Inequality of Educational Opportunities: The transition to higher education in Chile
  • Daniel Silver - The Politics of Poverty and Policy Evaluation
  • Jen Taub - Developing Measures of Disclosure Risk and Utility for Synthetic Data
  • Harry Taylor - Understanding and addressing hearing health inequality in ethnic minority groups in the UK
  • Joanna Wilson - Understanding the effect of work flexibility at the household level: a mixed methods study
  • Graham Burvill - Financial Insecurity in the UK: Debt, decision making and financial resilience amongst low-income families

Past students

  • David Bayliss - Labour market status and well - being during the Great Recession: A changing relationship?
  • Adrian Byrne - Defining and modelling socioeconomic status for individual trajectories throughout the life - course
  • Patty Doran - The impact of older people’s social networks on cancer treatment outcomes in the UK
  • Wulung Anggara Hanandita - Essays on Poverty and Health in Indonesia
  • Bo Hou - A Study of Impacts of Migration on Health and Well - being in Later Life in China - Evidence from CHARLS
  • Rebecca McKee - Substantive Representation of Ethnic Minorities in the UK Parliament
  • Gabriella Melis - Modelling Social Attitudes: the influence of family background for an intergenerational perspective
  • Heather Piggott - Women’s Work in Bangladesh and India
  • Alejandro Sevilla - Disentangling Inequality of Educational Opportunities: The transition to higher education in Chile
  • Angelo Moretti - Measuring Poverty and Wellbeing at Local Level