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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI)

methods@manchester releases films from Methods Fair 2017

14 November 2017

methods@manchester have released recordings of seminars and workshops at the recent Methods Fair.

The theme for the Methods Fair 2017 was creative data presentation and visualisation.  methods@manchester celebrated the inventive ways research finding are presented and communication, exploring these from a range of perspectives across the Humanities.

The keynote, Peculiar Ways of Asking Interesting Questions, was delivered by Simon Ruding, Director of Theatre in Prison and Probation (TiPP) and Dr Necla Acik, School of Law, University of Manchester.

Other presentations which have been made available include:

  • Getting your research published (Tom Dark, Manchester University Press)
  • Filmmaking for fieldwork (Andy Lawrence, University of Manchester)
  • Communicating research findings to non-academic audiences: Thoughts and Reflections on the Racism at Work Project Short-films (Stephen Ashe, University of Manchester)
  • Infographics - A colourful way to reach a new audience (Tine Hannemann, University of Manchester)
  • Why bother blogging? (Alex Waddington, University of Manchester)
  • Creating, making and distributing 'zines for research impact (Sarah Marie Hall, University of Manchester)

The Methods Fair also featured a PhD photograph competition, which was won by Marta Fanasca which her entry My name is André.

Films from the Methods Fair 2017 can be found at the methods@manchester YouTube channel.

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