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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI)

Dr Lisa Williams appointed Director of methods@manchester

19 June 2017

Dr Lisa Williams has been appointed Director of methods@manchester. She is a senior lecturer in criminology and Q-Step at the School of Law.

For almost two decades, she has undertaken research of both recreational and dependent drug taking.  In particular, she has focused on how recreational drug use changes across the life course.  Lisa uses mixed methods combining quantitative and qualitative research strategies.  Her main research is connected to the Illegal Leisure project, a mixed methods longitudinal study which has been tracking a cohort of young people from adolescence, since the early 1990s, into young adulthood.

The faculty funded methods@manchester, based in CMI, highlights Manchester’s strength in research methods, promoting interdisciplinary and innovative methodological developments.  methods@manchester provides research methods training for staff and students and an opportunity for researchers and PhD candidates to showcase their research through seminars and presentations.

Lisa is excited to be taking on and developing this role: ‘I was delighted to be appointed Director of methods@manchester. The SOSS legacy has ensured that there has been a comprehensive programme of training and events promoting the innovative and traditional approaches to research at Manchester. I am looking forward to growing this legacy and developing it further to ensure we provide cutting-edge training and events for staff and PGRs. I am keen our programme reflects what we do at Manchester and what we need to develop the next generation of, as well as, existing researchers. Please do get in touch if you are working with new methods you can share with others or if you have a training need.’ Email Lisa at

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