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Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMI)

Kingsley Purdam maps estimates of life expectancy to the stops on local tram network

30 January 2017

CMI's Kingsley Purdam, a senior lecturer and expert in research methods, has mapped estimates of life expectancy and years lived healthily to the stops on the local tram network.

Kingsley wrote that the city of Manchester area is in the top ten of those in the UK with the lowest life expectancy, and that there are striking differences in life expectancy across Greater Manchester.

Kingsley linked Office of National Statistics ward level estimates of life expectancy to the tram stops on the Greater Manchester tram network and included information on socio-economic deprivation levels using the Index of Deprivation, revealing the contrasting expectancies across Greater Manchester.  This is strongly illustrated by the journey from Timperley (male life expectancy 78.3 years, female life expectancy 81.3 years) to Rochdale (male life expectancy 65.7 years, female life expectancy 74.3 years), a 75 minute (26 kilometre) journey which highlighted a significant difference in life expectancy.

Kingsley also found that healthy life expectancy varies considerable across local areas, comparing Timperley's healthy life expectancy of 73.7 years with Monsall's 58.3 years and Rochdale's 58.1 years.

In Kingsley's policy blog he discusses devolution, control of the health and social care budget at a local level and differences in life expectancy between areas within cities and across the UK becoming a human rights issue, and the need to tackle long-term inequalities in life expectancy and years of healthy living, finding a new approach to delivering health and social care across Greater Manchester.

Full details of Kingsley's research can be found at the Manchester Policy blog.

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